3 Things To Look For When Picking Up Your Car From A Body Shop

If you have recently had your car fixed after an accident, you could be worried about what it will look like. It's important to carefully inspect your vehicle before you drive it away from the body shop; then you can have any problems repaired. Luckily, by looking for these three things, you can help ensure that a proper job has been done on your vehicle.

1. Is it Clean?

The first warning sign that you should look for is whether or not your car has been cleaned thoroughly before pick-up. Body shops can be extremely dusty and dirty, and you won't be able to carefully inspect your car if it isn't clean. If you go to pick up your car and it hasn't been cleaned, you should ask for the shop to do so; then you'll be able to take a better look at it before you take it home.

2. Do the Doors and Windows Shut Properly?

If your vehicle hasn't been lined back up properly and repaired as it should be, then you might notice problems with your windows and doors. Don't just try the driver's door; make sure that you open and close all of your doors and roll all of your windows all the way down, then back up. If you notice any problems -- such as if your doors and windows don't seal properly or hesitate to close -- then your car probably needs some more repair work.

3. Is the Paint a Good Match?

When body shops do body work, they generally don't repaint the entire car. Instead, they paint just the panel that was affected by the accident. This means that they need to mix the paint as well as possible to get a good match so the new paint does not stand out against the rest of the car. Look at your car in a sunny area so that you can take a good look at the paint, and don't take your car home if the paint doesn't match perfectly.

Ensuring that your body shop did a good job on repairing your car can be tough. If you look for these three things, however, it should help provide you with peace of mind that your car is in good shape or could clue you in to issues that you should bring up before driving your car home. For more information about auto body work, contact a professional like Franks Auto Body Inc.

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