How The Hydraulic System Can Cause Boom Problems On A Crane Truck

Has the boom on your crane truck stopped moving as fast as it should for an unknown reason? The solution to the problem might be getting the hydraulic system repaired. There are a few things that can cause the hydraulic system on a boom to begin malfunctioning. In this article, learn more about the hydraulics on your crane truck so you can get a general idea of what might be wrong and get it repaired, through a place like Florida TRUCK & Trailer CO, before it interferes with the productivity of your business.

The Main Hydraulic Pump is Damaged

One of the main parts of a crane truck that is used for boom operation is the main hydraulic pump. Basically, the main pump is in place for operating the piston rod. The purpose of a piston rod is to allow the boom to move up and down as needed. The piston rod is also responsible for helping the telescoping areas of the boom move as they should. It is possible that the main hydraulic pump should be replaced due to damages from normal wear and tear, such as cracks.

The Boom Lift Cylinder is Cracked

The boom lift cylinder on a crane truck is important because it is where oil is stored for operating the boom. If you have had your crane truck for a long time, it is possible that the boom lift cylinder is cracked. If there is a crack in the cylinder, it means that the boom is not likely receiving the amount of pressure that it needs from oil to function properly. You can hire a professional to find out if there are any cracks in the cylinder that can be sealed up to prevent oil from leaking out. However, you might need to replace the boom lift cylinder altogether if the cracks are large.

More Oil is Needed in the Crane Truck

You must understand that oil is one of the main things that a crane truck must have to function properly. No matter how good of a condition the hydraulic system is in the truck, there will be problems with movement from several parts with an insufficient amount of oil. Unlike other types of heavy equipment that uses air as the method for creating pressure, many crane trucks obtain pressure solely from oil. Get the oil levels checked in your truck to find out if more is needed. Contact a heavy equipment contractor to get the hydraulic system on your crane truck repaired.

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