Repairing Damage To Your RV After An Accident Or Collision

Driving your RV from one place to another is always a risk. Because of the size of the vehicle, it is harder to park, harder to see other cars from the driver's seat, and harder to stop quickly.It means you have to be more careful as a driver and be more cautious in maneuvering it around or to park it. What happens if you get into an accident with it? There are options.

Finding An Auto Body Shop For Your RV

RV's are built differently than a car or pickup truck. The body is constructed from aluminum,  fiberglass, or both but the panels are large and very flat. Making them look good after a repair is harder to do on a small car and when you are dealing with fiberglass, the process is entirely different. The challenge of finding a shop that can provide this kind of service is tough. They need to have the right tools, the knowledge, and a shop big enough to handle an RV.

Collision Damage

If your RV has been involved in a collision, getting the RV fixed properly is important. If the damage is visual, it needs to be taken care of so it looks the same as the rest of the vehicle. Structural damage has to be repaired so that the RV goes straight down the road and drives properly as well. If the shop you are working with can't handle one part of that, you may have to get one repair done then get the RV moved to a garage that can handle the RV collision repair.

Frame Damage

Damage to the frame of your RV can be catastrophic to the vehicle. If the frame is bent or twisted, the RV will not handle properly and can cause running gear parts to wear out prematurely. If you have a plexiglass body, a bent or twisted frame can also stress the fiberglass body and cause fractures or other damage so fixing the body and not the frame leaves you open to having to do more body repairs over the long run.

Leaks and Cracks On The Roof

Another common problem with an RV that has been in an accident is cracking or separation to the roof panels. If the panel is separated, it can allow water to seep into the interior. Water behind the interior panels can cause damage the wood and other materials inside the RV. Make sure the shop checks all the seams on the body so there are no surprises next time it rains.

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