A Simple Guide To Finding Luxury Auto Body Repair

If you have a luxury automobile, you probably want to be super selective about choosing an auto body repair shop. Obviously, no matter how big or small your damage is, you want to find a professional shop that has experience working with your make (and preferably model) of car. The goal is to repair your car without devaluing it. A visible repair or patch job is going to have a bigger effect on the overall value of your car. So, how can you be sure that you are hiring a repair shop that really goes the extra mile? This article has a few helpful tips for finding the perfect luxury auto collision repair service.

Ask Friends

Many people just start searching online for an auto repair shop, but you might have better luck if you ask your friends or family first.  You want to find an unbiased opinion from somebody who has had similar work done on a similar car. Of course, it is always helpful to search the Internet for reviews, but finding honest, quick, professional repair shops for luxury cars requires a little more research.

Get Quotes But Don't Just Go With The Cheapest

As always, you should get multiple quotes for your job from different shops. But, this does not mean you should simply go with the cheapest option, especially when you're dealing with luxury cars. Pay attention when you're at the shop. Are the cars there similar to yours? Talk to other customers. Are they happy with the work they had done? Listen to the professional giving you a quote. Are they just trying to give you the cheapest option, or giving you informative details about the repair? You have to be a little intuitive and use your best judgment.

Go Paintless When Possible

When it comes to luxury auto repair on small dents, paintless is the way to go. Of course, if the paint surface has been scratched, you will have no option but to have it repainted. Matching paint on used cars can be very difficult. This is where you really want to find a professional. But if your car doesn't need new paint, paintless repair is affordable and restores the surface without adding anything. The repair, when all is said and done, shouldn't even be noticeable. Luxury repair shops will use special computers with lasers that double-check that the surface has been restored perfectly to the original form.


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